About Us


BARKSY was born from a desire to offer pets the same level of care and concern we would lavish on our children.  This provided the impetus to improve on existing products that are inconvenient and unreliable. The result was our innovative CBD spray, which is easy to administer orally or on food and offers foolproof dosing.

Ultimately, we hope to care for both pets and their human guardians.  When our best animal friends need relief in stressful situations, we want to deliver it in a safe, effective, and stress-free manner.  We want speedy solutions that we feel comfortable and confident using.

BARKSY delivers on every level, with products that are tasty for pets and easy for you to administer.  When you want safe, effective, all-natural solutions to combat your pet’s unease, BARKSY paves the way with a new breed of CBD.

Our Vision

“Our vision is a world where we care for our pets with natural supplements to improve their quality of life.”

Our Mission

“To support our pets’ health with high-quality CBD products backed by thorough research and testing.”

our incredible team

Our Story

BARKSY is a Colorado-based company that launched in 2019 with the goal of developing high-quality, natural CBD products, based on thorough independent third-party testing, to improve the quality of life for our pets and yours.  Co-founders Kevin Smith and Aaron Perlman have been friends since they first met as children in 1983.  Throughout their lives, they’ve shared a love of pets, who they both saw as members of the family.

Today, Kevin lives in New Jersey with his wife, Jessica, and two rescue dogs, Winston and Shamus, while Aaron lives in Colorado with his wife, Shallah, and their rescue dog, Wilson.  Even though Kevin and Aaron no longer live across the street from each other, they maintain daily contact, as they have since they were boys.