Full-Spectrum CBD in Pet Sprays

in News August 22, 2020

What is Full-Spectrum CBD?  In the ever-changing CBD market, it can be challenging to understand exactly what’s in our products. This notion applies to dietary supplements as well as CBD extracts themselves. To this end, the basic foundation for all BARKSY sprays is “full-spectrum” CBD. To help our peers and customers better understand BARKSY formulations, […]

Why is Turmeric in CBD Good for Your Pet?

in News July 28, 2020

Turmeric in CBD Sprays  At BARKSY, we love our pets. Therefore, we continuously “push the envelope” in developing new products that benefit our furry family members. As seen with our popular flaxseed oil and chamomile supplements, our R&D Team is constantly searching for new beneficial additives for our CBD products. BARKSY’s latest project has led […]

The Benefits of Using Flaxseed Oil in Pet CBD

in News June 23, 2020

Why Use Flaxseed Oil in Pet CBD Products? Due to the fact we are ourselves dedicated pet owners, BARKSY uses only the finest ingredients in our CBD sprays. Our commitment to quality is evident throughout our manufacturing process – from sourcing pure CBD to the addition of dietary supplements in our sprays. To this end, […]